Lumineers by Cerinate

Porcelain Veneers
Two Visit Procedure. The first visit an impression is made, and the mold is sent to the Cerinate Smile Design Studios. On the second visit, Lumineers are attached over natural teeth. If tooth reduction is needed, often only minimal contouring is done and the sensitive part of the tooth is not touched. Pain free smile. Cover chips and stains, spaces and gaps. A pain free smile that is stain free and lasts for about 20 years.

Phillips Sonic Care

Diamond clean & air floss
With Sonic Care Diamond Clean & Air Floss electric toothbrush have whiter teeth in one week. In two weeks have healthier gums. The ultimate cleaning gentle teeth and gum care. Five modes, two brush heads & a usb charging case.

  • Diamond clean & air floss
  • Sapphire whitening System
  • Whiter teeth in one week!
  • Healthier gums in two weeks!